Monday, 28 March 2016

Me time – why it’s essential

This is a slightly different post for me, but one I felt necessary after a recent experience. As you can see my posting has become less regular and occasionally posted just for the sake of it rather than posting something I have really put time into and I am really proud to have on my blog. My blog initially started as a tool to help me get into uni as I applied for a fashion marketing course, however I grew to enjoy it and it became a hobby, something people would possibly class as me time, and evidently something that last blog post date has proven I haven’t dedicated much time to. At first I feared I would lose readers for this but in all honesty I’m ashamed to say now that I grew past the point of caring that much, due to everything I had going on at university proving to be that draining of my emotions. I thought I would cry a lot more in final year, and although I am a pretty strong person I don’t think that was the case for not shedding many tears because when my weekly routine is to be in uni 8-8 to return home to continue with work, I have become almost robot like and not even had much time for my emotions. Initially I hated to use uni as an excuse for not blogging but it has become too overwhelming now as I am at the 4th and final year stage in my fashion degree. Often I get people saying ‘why are you so stressed isn’t fashion just cutting and sticking’ – possibly the worst thing to say to a sleep deprived final year. And no it is far from it as I am currently at stage of manufacturing my own garment collection having already submitted a dissertation in January. Thankfully, something that shook me into having some me time was an invitation to the Mineral House Spa in Newcastle, at first I thought about declining the invitation for a treatment as I thought I should really wait until I have graduated all submitted al my work and really earned it. My mum, god love her, told me you need a break, I have already earned that. So I allowed myself and hours trip to the spa even though I was allocated 3. I had taken in my phone for the time and picture taking purposes but the for the first half an hour I found myself spending every few minutes looking at my phone telling myself how long I had left rather than appreciating those minutes. I found it really hard to make myself relax. Somewhere I couldn't take my phone was the pool so I had a quick dip and returned to a lounger with a magazine and finally found myself a bit more at ease. However I did not feel fully relaxed and back down to earth until my treatment, a facial, which I am a newbie to so was just expecting one of the beauticians to apply a face mask or something. But this treatment included aspects of a body massage as well. You know how it is in a spa with the ‘waves crashing’ music and the aroma of gorgeous smells, I nearly fell asleep but I pinched myself not to as this was one hour of totally dedicated me time, I was going to be awake for it! So after my hour was up, I felt back down to earth again, even though I knew I had to go back to uni I felt a slight weight of my shoulders. The walk back which meant me passing a slightly rowdy part of Newcastle didn't even phase me. This just goes to show how effective that little portion of me time and relaxation is. I’m not usually one for a cringe conclusion but it needs to be said, if you are in a similarly stressful position to me, for the sake of your wellbeing – do not be so hard on yourself. Finding the time to have a small dose of me time can work wonders, it set my mind straight again – almost a clean slate from the stress that was originally there, it somewhat motivated me, and I had the best sleep in ages. Don’t get me wrong I’m not all care free and spiritual 24/7 now, I’m still human, and have been stressed again since, but thinking back to this experience and telling myself some more me time is around the corner, has kept me going.

So go on, switch of your laptop, after having booked yourself a spa day that is - try the Mineral Spa at the Crown Plaza in Newcastle in you are in the area, I would highly recommend it. Or even just switch of your phone, light a candle, pick up a book or just sit in a comfy spot for an hour and notice the difference.

Hopefully my next post will be in the not too distant future,

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Competition: Calling, North Easterners & Brides To Be

Whether you qualify for the above or not, the North East wedding show is nearly here. This year I have been invited to attend the January 2016 show. Although I am no bride to be, who doesn't love a good wedding, and as a fashion design student I love looking at those all important dresses. Why I am posting about this do you ask? Well Christmas has arrived a little early for According to Ellie and The North East Wedding Show as we are giving away two tickets to you lovely readers.
Just to give you a little idea of what you can expect from the event; from cake tasting
 (I might just have to pretend I'm getting married for that), flowers, honeymoons, and of course, the dress. After a browse and shop you can be entertained by live music, and the bit I personally would be most excited for, a runway show of wedding wear. So you can try, book, plan and buy all under one roof. That roof being metro radio arena in Newcastle, on the dates the 16th and 17th of January 2016.
So if you're a blogger, planning bride or just interested to browse, comment below, tweet or e-mail me stating why you would like to go and a winner will be selected by Boxing day.
Good luck!
From myself and on behalf of the North East Wedding Show team, Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 29 November 2015

My Hand Picked Christmas Ideas

With a very intense university experience at present, Christmas still seems very far away. However the Christmas shopping is one of my favourite parts of the period and always gets me feeling festive. So as a very welcome uni break to lift spirits for me, and hopefully some affordable inspiration for you, here are some of the things on my wish list if not for myself, but the other girly ones in my life.

From left to right
Bra £20 Miss guided
Phone case £21 Asos
Aloe Vera Hand & Body Moisturiser £19 Kiehls
Make up bag £8.99 Etsy 
(if anyone knows where I can get these brushes also, please fill me in!)
Gingerbread Man Necklace with Black Diamonds £180 Bees Fine Jewellery
Winter Belted Camel Coat £65 House Of Fraser
Fluffy Jumper Dress £28 Missguided
Festive Cranberry Face Mask £6.75/75g Lush
Cosy Fur Bobble Hat £19.95 The Fur Bobble Shop
Ice Cream Phone Case Was £12 now £8 Asos
Mink & Rose Gold Watch £70 Olivia Burton
Perfect for stockings socks £8.87 Victoria's Secret
Sweet Silver Loveheart Ring £25 Bees Fine Jewellery
Drinking Fudge Mug Set £10 Not On The High Street
Crackling Woodwick Candle Varied price approx £15 Amazon

Merry shopping

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Ramside Spa | Mii Makeup Event

If you are North East based and have not yet heard about the Ramside spa opening I suggest you take a glance at this post or go take a trip yourself. The already highly rated golf club and hotel has finally opened its spa doors! As part of this I attended a Mii makeup event held there to entice us all into the spa and allow us to explore their make up brand of choice, Mii. I would say this brand is at a similar market level to Mac, with resembling products and prices. They have a fab range of products to cater for those who like a full face of flawless makeup to a more natural, organic powder foundation look. Some of my personal favourite products are the lip liner and lipstick combo in 'Caress' and 'Sleek', along with thee eye crayon in indigo that creamy texture blends well as an eyeshadow but crayon like applicator means it can act as an under eyeliner also. The indigo quad sky palette which was super soft to the touch and in some of my personal favourite shades for the eyes, browns and mauve. A product I was also pleasantly surprised by was the show stopping lash lover mascara in black*, which doesn't necessarily look like anything spectacular but gives great length and volume in a minimal amount of strokes, for a justifiable £14.50, this is a mascara I would recommend to anyone.
Now, I know many girls will probably gasp in disgrace at what I am about to say, however I have never stepped into a brow salon never mind attempt to put a brow pencil near my face. Thanks to Ramside and Mii, that all changed as I lost my brow bar virginity and was treated to a brow shaping and colouring by one of their lovely brow specialist. Although I have nothing to compare it to, I had a very pleasant first brow experience, the specialists were very conscious of what you wanted and made the effort to make you feel happy and comfortable.
In terms of spa treatments it is at the higher end of the budget however this is reflected in the spa itself, luxury feeling rooms that I felt instantly relaxed in, to point of almost dosing off, friendly staff and quality products used. I cant wait to treat myself to a massage once my bank account is looking a bit more healthy (cry at still being a student)!  

You can purchase Mii at Ramside or online HERE
For direct link click on products mentioned in the post above.

Not some of my best snaps as I was too busy drinking champers and easting canapes (oops) however this will hopefully give you good idea of the event.


Friday, 18 September 2015

Last days of summer OOTD

Clinging onto the last days of summer I had to find the time to wear this cutesy crop and short two piece before it was too late, and before I became too pale to bear! This little number was from a brand I newly discovered Luxemme who offer a small but trendy range of clothing, perfect for when you don't have time to trawl through pages of online shopping. This particular set was from the limited edition range ,  a set I love for its tie details on the side of the top, a feature that seems to be very in style at the moment. As I wasn't brave enough to wear it alone for a day look, I paired it with a trench and some low block heel sandals. Although I reckon it would look great alone on a night out simply teamed with a pair of pointed nude heels and clutch.

 Hope you like it!

This two piece is priced at a very reasonable £35.00*
Shoes | Dune
 Jacket | Phase Eight


Monday, 3 August 2015

Discount for readers and my birthday bouquet

No matter where they are from or what type of style, I cannot help but smile when receiving a bunch of flowers. Lucky as I was to be sent the most gorgeous one from the team at Blossoming Gifts as a gift for my 21st birthday. This delightful and fresh bunch I was sent is called 'Summer meadow'* which, like a summer meadow, contains blue veronica, delicate lilac eustoma with avalanche roses and daisies. It is part of the summer range, which if you take a peak at on the website displays an array of gorgeous, colourful and cheerful looking flowers that will light up any room. And if flowers weren't enough, the cutest little box a Duc d'O chocolates* (might I add are ridiculously scrummy) was sent along with a personalised gift message to make me feel truly spoilt.
 Why not make someone feel as special as I did or even just treat yourself or decorate your home and utilise this special discount for you, my lovely readers! Simply quote 'BGIFTS33' to receive a lovely jubbly 33% off a bouquets. The only bouquets exempt from this offer are the flowers by post range, this is only a small range so I am confident you will still be spoilt for choice, however I would recommend you bare in mind this range as there are some stunning bunches amongst the range.
 Blossoming gifts are also a great place to buy other lovely gifts such as hampers and wines, and flowers for fab value, just visit the under £20 flowers section. There is no doubt I will be treating a loved one or myself to some more blossoming gifts very soon.
In the mean time time please take a look at my snaps of my bouquet that was pretty not to capture!

Thanks for reading.



Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks

When it comes to this product, I am ashamed to admit I have only just got around to sharing it with the world. As mentioned in a previous gift guide post, I had my eye on this Laura Mercier gift set for a while, and was over the moon to receive it as a gift myself. The appropriately named, Caviar Sticks for their luxurious feel and look, come in a range of shades. This particular set provided a selection of colours that create a neutral or more dramatic smoky eye, all  of which  have a pleasant shimmery effect to them. A creamy like textured eye shadow is not something I would usually go for, but with these sticks it is so subtle it does not feel heavy or sticky and refrains from transferring to the eyelid. The stick itself makes it incredibly easy to apply, although I personally like to smudge/blend it in with my little finger to create a more polished look. In terms of ways to wear the shades both, Rose-gold and Moonlight are good base colours and highlighters that I like to use all the way to up to my brow bone and in the inner corner of my eye. Amethyst is a lush one to combine with Rose-gold,  applied to the outer of your eyelid and blended in through the eyelid crease is a lovely look for the day or understated night time. For a more night time appropriate look I  use Moonlight as a base, Amethyst into the crease, then Khaki or Cocoa on the outer of your eyelid (either are appropriate to underline also) and to finish, Rose-gold to highlight the inner corners. Depending on the look you want to go for the shades are very flexible in the way that you can almost get two colours out of one stick (particularly the darker shades) as once blended a more subtle faded tone is created. I have yet been too afraid to use the Copper Caviar stick as I feel it completely disagrees with my skin tone, so if you have any suggestions please do share!
The only slight downside I would give this product is that it is quite difficult to remove. Although this is a major bonus when wearing it as you are guaranteed it will last the day, I have found that rubbing my eyes with a makeup wipe for a good few minutes can become a little irritated. To avoid irritation I would recommend removing the majority with a wipe then using a kind to skin cleanser with a dampened cotton wool pad to gently remove the rest.
Unfortunately this particular set was limited edition so is no longer available in the shops at the limited price but they are all still available individually at Laura Mercier stocking stores for approximately £22 each.

Also if someone could recommend a really good gradual tan that would be great as this post made me realise how ridiculously pale my arm is!

Have you used any shades of the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks?
How do you wear them?

I would love to hear from you!