Thursday, 27 June 2013

Blogs I ❤

I have just added a new page which has links to some of the blogs that I follow and often read, it is worth taking a minute to check some of them out.

A Matter of Style - A really great innovative DIY blog with lots of useful fashion and beauty tips and tricks, definitely worthy of a follow.

Fashion Canvas - I admire this blog for all the fashion photography, all fashion bloggers would appreciate the magazine quality shots! 
Life of A Trainee Journalist - The clue is in the title. A friends of mine who's blog posts cover all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I will be shocked if this girl doesn't end up working for a fashion mag one day. 
Masha's Mumbles - An american blogger who's blog features all things beauty, lifestyle and travel. You can tell she has a good eye for photography as well. 
Ro's Tinted - Another fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, but you can never have too many! This blog was also shortlisted for Company magazines style blogger awards 2013. 
Trends With Benefits - An inspiring fashion crafty blog that was the winner of Company magazines style blogger awards 2013.



  1. Thanks for sharing your list of bloggers you love, I'll definitely check them out! Now following you on bloglovin x


    1. Thank you for following I really appreciate it!
      I will add your blog to my 'Blogs I ❤' page

  2. Oh wow Ellie, you're so incredibly sweet for including me! xx