Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Product of the week: St. Moriz self tan

I've never been one to fake tan, the one time I tried it when I was 16 it looked like a 5 year old had applied it, so after that experience I was put off! I'm quite lucky that my skins tans naturally anyway, however its been a long time since my skin has seen foreign sun so recently my flat mate persuaded me to try the fake way!
Knowing I don't tan on a regular basis and with a tight student budget I didn't want to splash out on a tan that was really pricey so my flat mate suggested St. Moriz instant tan which is currently retailed at the affordable price of only £2.99. I was initially a bit wary of this cause the last thing I wanted another 5 year old applied look going on but after looking at my already empty purse I decided I couldn't afford much than that so just went ahead and bought it!
St. Moriz offer a mouse, cream and spray instant tan and also in a variety of shades, light, medium and dark. I bought the spray in the medium shade and when it came to applying it I was getting ready for a night out so if it went wrong I was screwed! However I was very pleasantly surprised! The tan went on so well, it looked really natural and not at all orange, and even better, the morning after my skin felt softer and even after a shower that top layer rinsed off leaving a nice natural light brown shade perfect for the daytime.
Also after few days I notice on some people that some spray tans go really patchy and basically it looks they have scales, I found with St.Moriz I avoided this, however if you want to keep up your tan I would recommend re applying after a few days and it does scrub off quite easily in the shower with a loofah and exfoliator.
Overall I had much more successful false tanning experience than I've previously had, therefore I would definitely suggest St. Moriz spray tan as my product of the month.

TIPS: Buy a tanning mit, you can get these really cheap and make the process so much easier, I found it best to spray the product onto the mit and then rub it onto my body.
If you have dry skin, apply moisturiser to these areas before applying the tan.
When it comes to shaving, do this the day before so it doesn't emphasise your hair follicles.
If you decide you've done something wrong & want to remove it as soon as you've applied it, it comes off easily with a face wipe.

Thanks for reading.


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