Friday, 12 July 2013

Product of the week: Soap & Glory duo

This dynamic little duo of 'Scrub of your life' body scrub and 'The righteous butter' body butter are a match made in heaven. Over summer my skin tends to go quite dry and I get a lot dead skin, particularly on my shins! A good exfoliator always does the job at getting rid of the dead skin, however it can still leave my skin feeling a little rough so there has always been a little something missing. But I can now proudly announce that I have found the answer in these Soap & Glory products. The body scrub has the texture of an exfoliator with the beads needed to get rid of dry skin, but also when rubbed in it goes really soapy so feels like a normal shower gel. Once massaged into the skin I rinse it off and gently pat my legs dry. I then can trust in the application of the body butter to moisturise and keep my skin feeling silky smooth. Not only this, the product also smells like summer in a tub, and it matched the scent of the scrub which always helps.
I think the mistake I was making in the past was using exfoliators and body butters individually. The scrub never quite had the finishing touch it needed, and the butter didnt perform at its best because of the dead skin barrier. So together they work a treat!
The products retail at £7.00 for a large tube of 'Scrub of your life' and £10.50 for a gigantic tub of of 'The righteous butter' this may seam pricey for bath products but they will last for ages and keep for 24 months. However if would rather not commit to sending this much right away then not to worry as you can buy travel size tubes and tubs of the products which is what I did initially. These will cost you just £1.25 for the scrub and £2.50 for the butter, you cant go wrong really!
You can buy both these products from Boots online along with many other Soap & Glory items.

Body scrub texture
Body butter texture


  1. I love soap and glory! But it's so hard to find stateside! =( I nominated you for the Liebster award =) x

    1. Have you tried looking online for the soap and glory products?
      And thank you that's so kind of you to nominate me :) x