Monday, 5 August 2013

Birthday Cocktails: How to

As part of celebrating my birthday I invited my best girly mates round and made them all cocktails before heading on a night out! I made some slight adjustments to some of my favorite cocktails, Peach Bellini and Blue lagoon..

My friends thought it would be funny to buy me willy straws!
For the Bellini's I used regular flute glasses, which I personalised with my friends names on them as a little extra touch. For this drink I would start by putting half of a peach slice in the bottom of the glass. Next I would add in half a shot of peach schnapps, I stared with a whole shot but this was a tad strong for my liking as I actually wanted to make it out hat night (unlike on my 18th birthday, but enough said there)...
Then top up the rest of the cocktail by pouring in the CAVA. For a final touch I always like to add a cheeky cocktail umbrella! Peach Bellini is a lovely, fruity and fizzy drink, perfect to sip on whilst chatting with friends. You can also try it with other fruits such as raspberry because Schnapps is also available in this flavour.
As for the blue lagoon, I used tumbler style glasses that I put cubes of ice in to start with, I found that the more, the better but it is totally up to you! Next pour in a shot of vodka and peach schnapps, you can do half shots if you don't want it to strong, but the lemonade seems to balance it out. Then fill the glass half full with WKD blue. Then fill to glass to the top with lemonade, and to finish, add a cocktail brolly and a straw. This drink is really sweet, sparkling and tasty, a delicious cocktail perfect for summer evenings.
As expected, these recipes went down very well with my friends so I will definitely have to organise another cocktail night soon!
Some of the girls x
What are your favourite cocktails to make?

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