Monday, 5 August 2013

Birthday time: Smile for the camera!

So it was my 19th birthday last week and I was EXTREMELY lucky to receive off my lovely parents a new bridge camera that I have been wanting for months, the Fujifilm Finepix HS50EXR. So finally my pictures will be of a better quality for you, hoorah!
After taking just a few shots I can tell that this camera is going to be my new best friend! Prior to my birthday I was unsure whether I wanted a DSLR or a bridge camera and after many recommendations it seemed that the bridge camera was most suitable for my requirements. The main difference between a DSLR and a bridge is that you can change the lenses on a DSLR for various types of zooms etc. but I can imagine I would be clueless when it comes to the different kinds of lenses and are more suited to photography professionals! This is where the bridge camera is perfect for me because it has great zoom qualities all in one lens therefore I don't have to faff around with changing lenses in a hurry and it will save me some expenses as well. Furthermore, a really good aspect of this bridge camera that not every bridge camera has is that the lens zoom on the bridge camera works manually so you can twist it so that its at the exact zoom you want up to 42x.
The Fujifilm also has a wide variety of settings depending on what type of photo you want to take, for example, panoramic, advanced filter, portrait, landscape and manual. I mainly wanted the camera for uni work because with doing fashion design I always need to take photos of peices of work and street style imagery to use as inspiration,but its evident that this camera will be appropriae for many other types of photography! So be sure to see some more photography in my upcoming blog posts.

If you are interested you can see a video tour of the camera by clicking here
Just so you can get an idea of the photo and zoom quality here are a few pictures I took at Swinsty reservoir the other day... 
Capturing a sun ray 
Can't believe I managed to capture this!
My mum thought these mushrooms looked like storm troopers haha!
Picturesque reservoir water
Are any of you keen photographers as well?
Do you have any tips for me?



  1. The quality looks absolutely AMAZING! When I want to improve the quality of my pictures I will definitely consider this! Had never thought of Fujifilm for such a good picture before.

    Amber xx

    1. Thank you! Yeh I am really pleased with it, I had tried out a Canon camera in the shop but the Fujifilm was by far my fave!
      Let me know if you ever want to anything more about it :)