Monday, 19 August 2013

My Festival wardrobe

 This weekend I lost my festival virginity when I went to this years Virgin Media Festival at Weston Park. There was such a great line up this year and all the acts I saw were saw amazing, in particular the one and only Beyonce Knowles; there are no words good enough to describe her performance and my love for her! However, not only were the acts a delight to see but I really enjoyed seeing peoples festival wear. For some reason at festivals it seems that fashion is a bit more elaborate, people come out of their shell more and show individuality through clothing, as a fashion student I love that! So I thought I would give you my take on the festival look and what I wore.
For those of you are going to a festival in the next few weeks such as Leeds and Reading or Creamfields and have not been to camp before my biggest tip for you is that you pack light! I know what you are thinking, those two little words 'pack light' can be very daunting to us fashion bloggers but trust me you can still create a great, varied festival wardrobe with minimal items. For example take just one or two staple item such as denim shorts, or a parka coat and then pack a number of light tops that you can company with the staple item, however pack brightly coloured or printed tops as this will make your outfit look different each day.
Wellies. The one word that screams festival and that has to be your festival essential, weather muddy or not you can never go wrong with wellies at a festival! I took a pair of bright coral beauties for just £12 from Primark, I suggest these and one pair of either sandals or converse, weather dependent, and you will be all set!

Are there any other festivals that have you been to this year?
What items would you take to a festival?


  1. cute festival look! great wellies!

  2. I love your coat, I really want a coat similar for winter :)

    holly xxx

  3. Thank you :) this coat is actually from Topshop and comes with a detachable quilted lining with a fur hood that is perfect for winter! This exact one is unfortunately not being sold anymore but on the website it looks like they are selling a similar version of it for this season if you're interested!

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