Thursday, 15 August 2013

Product of the week: The lipstick that MATTErs

This weeks post is a little overdue but with my week quietening down a bit I have finally gotten round to completing it.
It is not very often that I wear a bold colour on my lips but when I do it always seems to be red. I have tried various lipsticks eg. Topshop, and lip-glosses but have found they wear off really easily. I began to think it was due to the fact that with red being such an outstanding colour that it would always be noticeable when it started to wear off. UNTIL, I took a look at Kate Moss' matte collection for Rimmel London. There is a lovely collection of shades available but I decided to risk it again with the red (shade 111 Kiss of Life) as I had not tried a matte one before. I put it to the test when I went to York races the other day and it did me proud, I only had to touch it up once after food, and even then the colour was still pretty bold. Before applying the colour I brushed on a tiny bit of foundation over my lips just using the excess on my foundation brush, this proved to be a good base to support the lipstick and also gives the closest match to the colour as when you test it on your hand in the shop. The matte effect has also become a lot more appealing to me in comparioson to lipsticks with a slight shine, not only does it stay on longer but seems to apply better and produce a solid colour.
Sorry for the phone image here!

If any of you have not yet tried a matte lippy, I really recommend you do so, it was certainly a £5.49 well spent!

You can purchase this lipstick and other shades HERE
Are there any matte lipstick brands you would recommend?

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  1. Gorgeous colour! Kate Moss 107 is a really lovely shade too, it's a bit of a deeper red! The best matte lipstick I've ever used is MAC Ruby Woo, the staying power is just ridiculous!

  2. Yes I was looking at that shade as well I think!! Torn between the two, I'll have to have a nosey at the mac ones too :)
    Thanks Nicole x