Friday, 2 August 2013

Product of the week: My Piz Buin summer essential!

Hola fellow bloggers!
With being on holiday the last week I have unfortunately been unable to blog for a while, but I am back, and on the return of my week of Majorcan sunshine comes my next product of the week!

Waking up to guaranteed 35 degree heat everyday for the past week was more than bliss for me, and I am like a human magnet to the sun therefore my skin has developed a nice natural tan. It is habit of mine after a day in the heat to apply after sun as I worry the sun will dry my skin out so I like to keep it moisturised. This wonderful little product did just that and then some. The lotion was so light and did not leave you with that sticky excess of the product you sometimes get with after sun lotions or sun creams. The product went on really smoothly and not only hydrated my skin but left it feeling so soft and healthy. Furthermore, in this case a little amount of product went a long way, this being very convenient when you are spending £10.49 on a product and using it every day of the holiday.
A little extra to the product that made the Piz Buin brand stand out to me from the rest was the fact it contains Tanimel, an ingredient that helps boost your skins natural tanning pigments. I usually suffer a sever case of holiday blues however knowing that I will be able to maintain my for that little bit longer thanks to this diamond of a beauty product, has certainly helped keep me in the summer spirit.
I thoroughly recommend this product as in essential in your luggage this year, happy holidays!



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