Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Product of the week: Sally Hansen Nail Hardener

My nails are forever breaking and peeling, however since investing in Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Nail Hardener, I have noticed a real difference. My nails feel instantly stronger and gradually my nails have stopped peeling completely! This nail care polish also doubles up as base or top coat, giving your nails a bit of TLC whilst helping prevent your polish from chipping when used as a top coat. As it seemed to be extensive use of nail polish that was weakening my nails before, I now feel way less guilty painting my nails 24/7! 
There is a seven day treatment guide that comes with the product which I strongly advise you use, as I didn't at first and noticed the polish started to peel off after a couple of days. The treatment is as follows:
Day 1: 
Apply 1-2 thin coats to dry, clean, bare nails, apply nail polish if desired. 
Day 3: 
Apply a further thin coat over the existing nail treatment/colour. 
Day 6:
Remove all products from nails (using Acetone free nail polish remover as this will dry out your nails the least) and leave bare for 24 hours. 
Day 7:
You may begin the treatment again. Repeat usage will give you the results you desire so make sure you stick at it.
This lovely little product is priced at around £8 and is available at most drug stores, or you can buy it online HERE.

Are there any nail care products that you would recommend?
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