Friday, 23 August 2013

Style icon: Beyonce Knowles

After returning from V festival, my love for Beyonce has grown even more. Seeing her live made me intrigued to discover more about her style off the stage as well on. There is no question as to what Beyonce would look good in because if you ask me she could probably look good in a bag. Because of this she has such a wide variety of styles, showing that she has fun with what she wears; sometime wearing garments you wouldn't expect but looks stunning in regardless. I find this something to look up to because I like the idea of being able to wear anything not focusing too much on following trends to a T, but being able to play around with fashion with a laid back approach. In terms of some of Beyonce's approaches to fashion, in particular  I really like her sophisticated, chic, more formal wear. This style emphasises her femininity and personally this would be a similar style i'd like to take when dressing formally.
In contrast, her everyday outfits are often casual, laid back, and spontaneous. Something that I admire her for. These appearances show she has natural fashion ability. Often outfits look like they've been put together quickly, without intense thought as they are just simple, everyday garments. This is something that's easy to do for us admirers on a lower budget than she.
So hands down to the woman as I have not yet come across an outfit that has not appealed to me in someway. Below are some ensembles that I was particularly inspired by. As there are so many, I formed a slideshow of the images to save you scrolling down for for miles!
I loved some of these looks so much that I researched online to put together some budget looks...

To view the looks bigger, just click on the image.

What are your favourite Beyonce Looks?
Who are your style icons?


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