Sunday, 8 September 2013

Back to Uni

September is here and that can only mean one thing for us students, back to uni. After a what seems like a whistle stop summer break it's time to get organised and back into routine. As it's my second year now I would like to think I am a little more organised than before; so for all you freshers out there I thought that I would pass on some experienced advice from one uni student to another...

Social Media. If it's brilliant for one thing it's this; getting in touch with flat or course mates prior to moving in. This will really prepare you for the big day as it did for me, and make the whole situation a little less nerve wracking.
If you are self catered and sharing a flat with a number of other people, try get in contact with them to ask what kitchen appliances they are taking. Perhaps agree on one thing each to take, this will save you both time and money. Otherwise you will end up having vast amounts of each utensil! Don't get me wrong it's nice to have a spare cheese grater but having six is a bit excessive.
Make the most of your freshers week. The social scene is on a high over this period so this is the time that you're most likely to make friends. It may seem a little daunting but just remember that everybody is in the same boat!
Join a society. I didn't do so last year but this will be the first thing that I do when I go back. No matter what uni you are at you will be spoilt for choice. From DJ societies to Harry Potter appreciation societies, there is literally something for everyone!
Free from mum and dads restraints it can be tempting to consume all the alcohol you can get your hands on, but to save too much harm to both your dignity and your bank I can tell you from experience that it's wise to drink in moderation (there's always that one jagerbomb that just tips you over the edge), line your stomach with some carbs for dinner, and force a pint of water down before you go to sleep. Trust me, your hangover free self will thank me in the morning.

In terms of saving money you will all learn to appreciate these pointers:
  • Get a joint money pot going with your flat mates and chip in your spare change from a night out each week to go towards buying essentials such as fairy liquid and bin bags etc.
  • Utilise your student card, there is no harm in asking shops whether they do student discount, it may only be 10-20% but every little helps! Handy for us fashion and beauty bloggers, a list of some shops that offer student discount include, Topshop, New Look, Miss Selfridge, Superdrug, Dorothy Perkins and Urban Outfitters.
  • Keep your receipts from food shops, this way you can start to budget for cheaper shops in the future.
  • Buy a rail card, particularly if you live far from your uni and or travel lots, they are approximately £30 for the year but save you buckets more than that in the long term.

And last but not least, if you have not yet purchased your household appliances I really recommend you pay a visit to Paccup; a student run business that provides students with all the essentials needed for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and conveniently delivers to your new address. It doesn't have to be roughing it as a student as they also offer a comforts pack so that you can have a few of those home luxuries at all times, and with great quality products you can't go wrong!
For more uni tips and product updates, follow Paccup on Twitter HERE

I wish you all the best of luck with your fresher experience!
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  2. Thank you!
    I love visiting new blogs so will definitely check yours out :)

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