Tuesday, 24 September 2013

London Fashion Week: My Personal Favourites

Firstly, with moving into my new house at university and all the Great North Run hype I regret to say that my blog has been slightly neglected; I have been meaning to publish the post for a few days now but my laptop has been playing up therefore I have only just got round to it! However, on the bright side, the beauty of studying Fashion Design at uni is that whilst compiling researching for upcoming projects I can blog about it at the same time, hitting two birds with one stone! So my blog is my work to some extent, and I enjoy sharing it with you!As its recently been London Fashion week I have been all over the LFW website browsing at all the inspiring designs. It is safe to say that LFW has reached a new level this year with such a vast variety of new designers. As a design student I love looking at the fresh talent in some ways more so than looking at established designers as there is the potential that I could be in a similar position one day! I like to design clothing that is wearable wacky; from the consumers point of view I want to be able to buy something that will make a statement, but I know will get my wear out of. I believe that the following newly established designers target this exact market, and I think that awareness needs to be raised of there truly inspiring designs.
Antonio Berardi I can only applaud for this spring summer 2014 collection. My initial vibe of the collection was how fresh and feminine it felt with the pastel pink and white colour palette. However when looking closer I noticed that many of the garments have a masculine, oversized shape that are made to look so ladylike, something that is challenging to accomplish in design but he nailed it! I also love the burst of leopard print that appears on some of the garments, this adds excitement to the collection as its something I wasn't expecting.

Never have I heard of the pair Ostwald and Helgason yet this collection caught my eye straight away. What I love most is that it's everyday clothing however with edge and excitement; what I aim for when designing myself. The mix of boyish and feminine styles really appealed to me, and combined with all the prints and pleats there is no questioning that I admire every aspect of the garments. I would love to have each and every one of these looks in my wardrobe!

Where to start with Zoe Jordan, I cant fault this this collection! It contains that element of suprise with pops of bright contrasting colour, creative prints and dyes, and a great range of garments. I consider this collection to be very wearable and something that would appeal to many people as it covers a range of styles. I look forward to seeing what Zoe Jordan has to offer next.

Are there any designers from LFW that you want to talk about?


  1. Gorgeous selection, Zoe Jordan is my current obsession!

    Would you like to follow each other?


    1. I know I absolutely love her designs!

      Sure I would love to follow each other! now following you on bloglovin :)

      Ellie x