Thursday, 26 September 2013

Product of the week: New Nivea In Shower Moisturiser

Dont you just hate it when you're in a rush to get ready and you all your clothes start sticking to your not yet absorbed moisturiser?! I cant stand it and begin to question is it really worth the effort to moisturise everyday? But then I complain when I get dry skin, it's a viscous circle really! However the other day I saw this product advertised on telly and had never seen anything similar before so it went straight on my shopping list! But my flat mate beat me to it and very generously let me trial and test it; I did so the next morning.
As it is an in shower moisturiser, you are advised to rinse it off whereas you wouldn't usually, just like a shower gel, which I applied as normal before the moisturiser. I've never really been keen on the smell of Nivea products, they remind me of old peoples homes but thankfully the effect of this product made up for that aspect. Excuse the cliche but it really does feel silky smooth; acting as a skin conditioner. Not only this but it conveniently reduces the amount of time taken to ready as there is no faffing around waiting for it to absorb. I will definitely be including this in my daily routine from now on.
Image courtesy of as mine disappeared from my camera memory
Purchase it HERE for just £3.56! I have also since tried this in 'pampering honey' which is my new favourite as it smells divine!

Have you tried this product yet?
Are there any other moisturisers you would recommend?

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