Thursday, 3 October 2013

My Perfect Nude: What's Yours?

I've forever been a fan of the Kate Moss lipstick range for Rimmel London however not purchased a nude shade until recently. I have been on the search for the right nude for quite a while but have found it difficult to get one with the right amount of shine, moisture and I've also wanted one with pink pigments; as I most often wear natural face makeup I thought this would liven it up a tad. Some might say I'm just a little bit picky! But thanks to Rimmel and Kate I was able to find all this in one of there lippies. Shade 03 is a lush nude colour with a hint of pink that matches perfectly with my skin tone. When applying lipstick I always brush on some excess foundation which provides a nice base for the lipstick and brings out to full colour as you test it on your hand. This lipstick is part of the 'Lasting Finish' range but I do find that I have to re apply it quite a lot during the day, even though this acts against what it's labelled to do, it feels so nice and moisturising that this doesn't bother me at all!
For only £5.49 it's an affordable everyday lipstick.

I would love to hear what your favourites and recommendations are,so please leave a comment below, I will always reply within a few days!



  1. This is my all time favourite everyday lipstick! I never finish lipsticks and I've just finished this one so have to restock! It's also lovely to wear on a night out when you've got heavy eye make up on!Xxx

    1. Oh really I'll bare that in mind for my next night out! But yeh I've fallen in love with it I can see that I'll be buying it again when I run out :)

  2. Beautiful shade on you - very natural and pretty! Xx

  3. Great colour I absolutely love nude lips xx