Friday, 25 October 2013

Seventeen haul

I am a sucker for an offer however this was one I just could not miss! Seventeen are currently doing a fab 3 for £10 deal on any products so it really is a great saving!
I read about a couple of these products on Life of a Trainee Journalist, a great blog which if you haven't visited yet I suggest you do, I really trust Nicole's reviews so was instantly tempted to go and check out the products for myself.
To start with I picked up this CC cream, I have been wanting one for quite a while as a substitute for foundation. I currently wear a Clarins foundation that which I love but since becoming a student, at £25 a go I find I'm slightly reluctant in using it for everyday. This texture of this cream is almost mousse like but is really light and blends really well with both your hands and a foundation brush. To say its not actually a foundation, the coverage it gives is very good and I find it lasts really well. The only downside about this product is it only comes in two shades, luckily for me the medium tone matches my skin well however for people with different skin types it might be more difficult to find a match. But overall, a really nice everyday product.
My Witch concealer has just ran so I decided to go for something a little different this time with this under eye concealer. With the description 'Heavy duty' I though it would provide maximum covergae however you can still vaguely see a darker tone under the eyes but when foundation or the CC cream is applied on top it does make a difference. I applied the concealer using my fingers and it went on nice and smoothly to say it was quite thick which was an advantage! It also gives a nice matte finish which is what I look for in face makeup so I was happy with this. Not the best I've used but it certainly does the job.
Finally, the product I initially went for and was most excited about using is the 3 way highlighter. With this product a little goes a long way as its quite thin so spreads really well over the skin. It just adds a really nice shimmery effect acting as a primer that when applied under your foundation to your cheek bones, brow bones and the dip above your upper lip makes your face makeup look a lot more glowing, particularly under the light. And although I have never used a highlighter before so have nothing to compare it to I was very pleased with the results, I love it!
Altogether I saved a whopping £8.67 so it really is an offer you cannot miss!
Have you used any of these products before?
What would you buy using the offer?