Wednesday, 18 December 2013

German Christmas Market

Last night me and my lovely boyfriend decided to have a festive evening by going to the German Christmas market at Millennium Square in Leeds or Christkindelmarkt as the Germans would say. We could practically smell the Frankfurt sausages being cooked over the wood stove from a mile off so we couldn't resist getting one as soon as we walked in! I got the cheese sausage which when arrived seemed to have no cheese so I thought I had been given the wrong one until I took a bite and cheese started to ooze from the sausage, it was incredible! My boyfriend on the other hand got a spicy German sausage which was equally as delicious, if you have never had a German hot dog before I strongly suggest you do as me and boyfriend were both in agreement they were the nicest hot dog's we had tasted!
After scoffing down our food by a toasty fire we went for a look around the market. There were over 40 stalls which were all quaint little wooden chalet with lights and festive decoration, each selling something unique from home made treats such as pretzels, chocolates, mini pancakes and candied fruit, to festive hand crafted Christmas decorations, jewellery and candles. It was such a nice atmosphere walking around, we felt like we were on holiday in Germany at Christmas time, it was lovely! As we were walking around the sound of singing voice was getting louder and which we were wondering what direction it was coming from until we approached the beer Keller, as we quite fancied a beer and wanted to join in the sing along we headed on inside to order a Stein of German beer. The room was all lit with lights and had cosy little alcoves for you sit and German style bars all around. It really made you feel as if you were abroad as the windows had painted backgrounds of the German countryside, which was a nice little touch! The Keller was jam packed full of visitors singing along to the band that were playing who were also dressed in Lederhosens, they looked fab! But not only this, there was also a female yodeller, I had never seen someone yodel live before and she was amazing, she did it so effortlessly! She also attempted to teach us how to yodel but as many of the audience had sunk a few beers by the evening you can imagine it sounded just like a whole lot of noise rather than a yodel but it was a good laugh.
Once our voices were strained from belting some good old classic songs, we tootled around for another quick browse before heading home with a German doughnut in one hand and some chocolate coated marshmallows in the other!
Overall it was really nice evening that put us right into the festive mood, unfortunately it was the last day of the market today which is a shame as I would have loved to have gone again with friends. However I know Leeds isn't the only place that hosts a German market so if you manage to find one near by to you I highly recommend you go!
Here are some pics from our visit...

Have you been to any Christmas markets like this?
If so what did you think?



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