Thursday, 12 December 2013

What I've Been Up to: Dr. Martens Collaboration

Hello again! So I think it's about time I wipe the dust of my blog and return to posting, I was very sad to see I hadn't posted since November it really didnt seem like that long as the last couple weeks have flowwwn by! Not only has my blog been neglected by my body as well for the amount of stress I have put it under in the weeks leading up to various uni deadlines, haha! However it has all been worth it to finally see the finished result. To those of you who read my blog regularly, will know that I posted around a month ago about a project I was doing at university that is associated with Dr. Martens. As budding fashion designers me and my fellow students were set a task by Dr. Martens to design a AW/14 capsule collection, incorporating local culture, which is targeted at the Dr.Martens customer. As customers just see the final garment, you would be surprised how much behind the scene work there is into doing so, altogether I had an 80 page sketch pad full of research, a 40 page sketchpad full of initial design ideas and a whole portfolio full of design development!  But that's what I love about my course really, exploring all aspects of design and watching it grow into a collection. 
As well as designing a collection of 6 outfits we also had to manufacture one garment from that collection. As I specialise in womenswear I  created an androgynous style look with a mods influence that also follows current trends with gorgeous tartans and winter wools. After a long hard graft, I along with others on my course presented my garment to VIP's from Dr. Martens this week in a mini catwalk show. I have to say I felt pretty proud  of what I have achieved this semester and it was so nice seeing my final garment being worn down the catwalk. And I cant ramble on about this without showing you any photos of course! I hope you enjoy looking at my work as I did doing it.

And just a little clip for you..

What do you think of my project?
Have you done any exciting project with uni or work recently?



  1. your collection is very beautiful! Congrats!

  2. Thank you so much, that means a lot!