Sunday, 8 June 2014

Kiko cosmetics haul

Following my Kiko cosmetics makeover post a few week ago, this post will provide you with a more detailed review of the products that I purchased. Although the makeup used artist used several makeup articles on me I decided to just buy the essentials, this being, foundation, bronzer, highlighter, eyeliner and mascara. The product I use first in my makeup routine is the Skinny Fit Kajal Crayon eyeliner number 06. Prior to my Kiko makeover I always used to apply foundation first but it makes so much more sense now that if I make a mistake with eyeliner or mascara, it is more easily fixed before having applied anything else on my face. Regarding the size of this eyeliner, I couldn't believe it was just £4.80. I have not seen an eyeliner anywhere else of this length for such a good price. Plus it's a great product. Suitable for both the inner and outer eyelid, it applys smoothly, smoky black in colour. Despite the length it's still fairly easy to control meaning you can create flicks hassle free! And something of a necessity for me when buying eyeliners, it sharpens well. A pet hate of mine when an eyeliner sharpens unevenly the whole way down the pencil! #beautyblogger problems. You can also buy this pencil in a variety of colours, see online.
Next, I use the Luxurious Lashes, Extra Volume Brush Mascara. The fairly chunky elastomer wand gently bends in contact with the lashes helping to create an even coating from the first stoke. The product consistency is creamy and smooth so does not clog on the lashes and creates a really flattering, volumised yet natural looking lash. To make an extra impact I like to focus on the edge lashes when applying this mascara, it helps in adding a little bit of length and really makes your eyes stand out. I love this product! Available in both brown and black I would definitely recommend this product to those of you who like a more natural makeup look. Again another bargain at £7.20.
Next I apply the Universal Hydrating in shade Light Rose 02. The liquid foundation applies and blends extremely well when using a stippling brush. The silky consistency makes it feel so light on the skin i was amazed how great the coverage was. I also love that this product leave my face feeling moisturised and it really does stay on all day, one of the best foundations I have used in a while. This product comes in a wide variety of shades so it is suitable for all skin types. Purchasing this wont break the bank either at a very affordable, £6.90.
Now for the product I have been most excited to tell you about. This product has become my holy grail product! From the limited edition makeup collection 'Life in Rio' this Essential Bronzer in Sienna Melagne is a must have! Its slight shimmery tones and tanned shades make up the most gorgeous looking marble effect product, it was love at first sight! I was lucky enough whilst having my Kiko makeover to have had a very quick tutorial on contouring and this product is perfect to create that look. Best applied with an angled brush, delicately sweep the soft powder in a downward action across the cheek, I also like to dust my jawline. Not much is needed to create a subtle, contoured  look. When applied on top of the Universal Hydrating foundation I was also pleased to find I stay almost perfectly bronzed all day long. Another reason love using this product is for its subtle vanilla scent, it's little touches like that I really think make a product feel even more luxurious.The most pricey product of the bunch but still a very reasonable price at £16.90 and worth every penny!
And last but certainly not least, I finish the look with the Radiant Touch Creamy Stick highlighter in Rose 101. This lovely little stick helps to emphasise certain areas of the face, such as the brow bone, cupids bow, and cheekbones where I like to use it. When applied and gently blended with a finger, particularly on the cheekbone, the shimmery pigments catch the light nicely, enhancing the contoured area. I feel very glowing when I'm wearing this product, yet still natural, which I love. Also available in a subtle gold, this nifty little product suits a variety of skin types. And for a mere £8.50, if you're looking for a new highlighter, I suggest you give this one a go.
Overall I spent £44.50, but I believe it was money well spent as with that I got all the necessities which will last me a good few months! Whereas you might only half that amount for twice the price elsewhere. 
Once last thing I thought worthy to mention is that not only in these products, but also in the store I noticed similarities between this brand and MAC. As I was informed that Kiko and MAC products are made in the same factory this could suggest why! So I definitely recommend to those of you with a tighter budget and a love for MAC to explore Kiko as cheaper alternative, I can only praise it!
Click on the links within the post to see all of the Products on the Kiko sit, and to see what other Kiko products the makeup artist used on me but I didnt purchase, see the post below.

My Kiko face - I have tidied my room since this I promise!

Have you tried any Kiko products before?

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  1. Never heard of Kiko but it looks quite good - great post!


  2. It's great I definitely recommend you give it a try :)
    Thanks for your comment.