Monday, 23 June 2014

What's in my handbag?

I am a strong believer that a girl could rule the world with the contents of her hand bag, we always seem to be prepared for anything! To say how much I love reading these posts by other blogs, I had not yet done one myself, until now! This trusty M&S holdall has stuck with me through thick and thin for the last few months, I like to invest in a good quality handbag that will last, and this gorgeous genuine leather holdall has been a very worthwile purchase, even more so that I got on sale too! As for the contents you will find...
My Paperchase diary, this is the first year I have bought a proper diary as it was a new years resolution of mine to keep one, and as it takes up a large majority of my handbag, I am motivated to do so! It also looks pretty in my handbag, Paperchase prints never fail to please!
Next, Fifty shades freed, my current read whilst I am waiting for the first Harry Potter book to come back in stock at the library, damn you whoever has it overdue! I always like to have something to read and keep me entertained on my commute to and from work.
 You will also find my very personal set of keys, each key ring a souvenir of some sort, plus one key for my London home and one for my Yorkshire home. On the topic of London, since moving here a tube map has had a permanent place in my handbag which has been a lifesaver on the underground!
With the weather being so nice recently my sunglasses have actually had some time away from sitting at the bottom of my handbag under my brolly, which despite the sunny weather is still an essential as I'm sorry, but I just do not have faith in the British weather! Both of these are Primark bargains from this year.
Accompanied by my forever tangled  headphones is my Iphone 4S, which may I say has the coolest watermelon caseever, as long as it lives, this case will never be removed, except to take this photo, this was another worthwhile Paperchase purchase!
You'll also see my River Island purse, for years I have been buying my purses from RI as they are such a great size and fit in all the stuff that I like to hord, mainly 
receipts!  They always have such a gorgeous choice of purse styles too.
One of my favourite components of my bag is my little handbag buddy, my best friend bought me this when I was having a down day once and she said to keep it in my handbag and whenever I'm having a down day it will cheer me up. I have since bought one for my mum and I recommend everyone should get one of these for their best friend. Mine is a duck, he's called Mr. Quackalot, and looks pretty happy sitting pride of place in my handbag.
And of course, what bloggers handbag doesn't contain a few beauty bits, for example, my miniature Tresseme brush, handy for any unexpected bad hair days, along with many kirby grips that I did not even know I had in there till I emptied my bag to do this post, ha! My perfume at the moment, Diamonds by Armani is another permy item in my hand bag, a few sprays of this a fresh sweet, yet sexy summery scent! I also make room for my seventeen stay time concealer, a liquid stick concealer that provides great coverage just in case of any emergencies! You will also come across a trusty stick of Nivea pearly shine lip balm, a must have in all my handbags to keep those lips fully moisturised throughout the day. I also have a handy pair of Boots essential wipes, you never when they will come in handy and they are good product to keep your face and hands feeling refreshed. Finally, a pot of The Body Shop moisturiser also has a spot in my holdall, which I double up as a hand cream on a daily basis as it leaves your hands feeling super soft, and we all know how yum a Body Shop product smells!

 I hope you liked taking a look at what's in my handbag, I cant quite believe I manage to fit all that in there, like I said, when it comes to a girls handbag, we are prepared for anything! If you have recently written a 'What's in my bag post?' I would love to see yours, leave your links below!

And don't forget to enter my giveaway below! There are just a few days left so make sure you get your entry in!



  1. Hi Ellie! Such a fun post! The watermelon case is indeed the cutest! And of course, beauty products or make up are almost compulsory for most of us ;)
    Have a nice week, dear!

    1. Hi Deb! Thanks for your comment :)
      I'm glad you liked the post!
      Ellie x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Vicky, it's actually a diary! Cant go wrong with a Paperchase purchase!


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