Monday, 13 October 2014

OOTD: When In Florence...

I couldn't of asked for a more lovely way to start the autumnal month of October than in the north of Italy in the beautiful city of Florence. Although we arrived to worse weather than England, the days following we couldn't of asked for better as temperatures reached 28 and the sun was shining over the Florentine skyline. As I have recently been taking a night class in Italian i was very excited to practice the language. I have visited Italy a few times but no where like Florence, the city itself felt very chic, yet traditional, and full of culture and beautiful people. To those of you who aren't familiar with Florence might like to know that Florence is also a great city to visit for fashion as it is home to many famous Italian fashion designers, including Gucci who has in recent years opened a museum there, a great place to see an archive of the designers greatest designs. Not forgetting, if you are a fan of leather pieces, Florence is THE place to go for a genuine leather article, with almost every other shop and or market selling the most gorgeous selection of leather bags and goods. So as I was in fashionable surroundings I thought it only right to an outfit of the day post. My most recent shopping spree involved me hitting the H&M sales and grabbing a bargain or two. This including the new love in my love at the moment, my black duster coat (similar to one in my wish list post below); which I was surprised was in the sale as I have noticed this style of coats just becoming a popular trend. I teamed this lightweight with more H&M both old and new, along with some H&M sunglasses that I bought especially for the trip. In fact, I think the only thing I was wearing that WASN'T H&M was my sandals, a Topshop purchase a couple of years that I absolutely worn to death i am pleasantly surprised with how long they have lasted! See below for some similar options of the older items.

The beautiful Florence itself...

Duster jacket H&M was £29.99 sale £15
Top H&M full price £14.99
Shorts (old) for similar click here
Sunglasses H&M full price £6.99
Sandals Topshop (old ) for similar click here

I think it is safe to say that this OOTD post is the last one where I will be seen wearing shorts for a while as on my return from Italy i decided the season of coats has finally arrived!
Have you got your winter wardrobes ready?

Keep in touch!



  1. Ah, Florence looks beautiful! And a perfect holiday outfit- loving the print on the blouse :)


    1. Thank you Jen :) Still cant believe how lucky with the weather we were!

      Ellie xx

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