Monday, 28 March 2016

Me time – why it’s essential

This is a slightly different post for me, but one I felt necessary after a recent experience. As you can see my posting has become less regular and occasionally posted just for the sake of it rather than posting something I have really put time into and I am really proud to have on my blog. My blog initially started as a tool to help me get into uni as I applied for a fashion marketing course, however I grew to enjoy it and it became a hobby, something people would possibly class as me time, and evidently something that last blog post date has proven I haven’t dedicated much time to. At first I feared I would lose readers for this but in all honesty I’m ashamed to say now that I grew past the point of caring that much, due to everything I had going on at university proving to be that draining of my emotions. I thought I would cry a lot more in final year, and although I am a pretty strong person I don’t think that was the case for not shedding many tears because when my weekly routine is to be in uni 8-8 to return home to continue with work, I have become almost robot like and not even had much time for my emotions. Initially I hated to use uni as an excuse for not blogging but it has become too overwhelming now as I am at the 4th and final year stage in my fashion degree. Often I get people saying ‘why are you so stressed isn’t fashion just cutting and sticking’ – possibly the worst thing to say to a sleep deprived final year. And no it is far from it as I am currently at stage of manufacturing my own garment collection having already submitted a dissertation in January. Thankfully, something that shook me into having some me time was an invitation to the Mineral House Spa in Newcastle, at first I thought about declining the invitation for a treatment as I thought I should really wait until I have graduated all submitted al my work and really earned it. My mum, god love her, told me you need a break, I have already earned that. So I allowed myself and hours trip to the spa even though I was allocated 3. I had taken in my phone for the time and picture taking purposes but the for the first half an hour I found myself spending every few minutes looking at my phone telling myself how long I had left rather than appreciating those minutes. I found it really hard to make myself relax. Somewhere I couldn't take my phone was the pool so I had a quick dip and returned to a lounger with a magazine and finally found myself a bit more at ease. However I did not feel fully relaxed and back down to earth until my treatment, a facial, which I am a newbie to so was just expecting one of the beauticians to apply a face mask or something. But this treatment included aspects of a body massage as well. You know how it is in a spa with the ‘waves crashing’ music and the aroma of gorgeous smells, I nearly fell asleep but I pinched myself not to as this was one hour of totally dedicated me time, I was going to be awake for it! So after my hour was up, I felt back down to earth again, even though I knew I had to go back to uni I felt a slight weight of my shoulders. The walk back which meant me passing a slightly rowdy part of Newcastle didn't even phase me. This just goes to show how effective that little portion of me time and relaxation is. I’m not usually one for a cringe conclusion but it needs to be said, if you are in a similarly stressful position to me, for the sake of your wellbeing – do not be so hard on yourself. Finding the time to have a small dose of me time can work wonders, it set my mind straight again – almost a clean slate from the stress that was originally there, it somewhat motivated me, and I had the best sleep in ages. Don’t get me wrong I’m not all care free and spiritual 24/7 now, I’m still human, and have been stressed again since, but thinking back to this experience and telling myself some more me time is around the corner, has kept me going.

So go on, switch of your laptop, after having booked yourself a spa day that is - try the Mineral Spa at the Crown Plaza in Newcastle in you are in the area, I would highly recommend it. Or even just switch of your phone, light a candle, pick up a book or just sit in a comfy spot for an hour and notice the difference.

Hopefully my next post will be in the not too distant future,


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